Installing FreePBX from ISO Mounted from Hard Drive?

Has anyone been able to install FreePBX directly from the ISO stored and mounted on hard drive?
My issue is that I want to install from the ISO on a VPS. There are no options for custom ISO on my provider.
I tried and they are absolutely terrible. Fresh VPS with FreePBX crashes. Won’t update properly etc…

Currently I am running a manually installed FreePBX on a VPS and its been running fine for a few years but I cannot install commercial modules so I would like to do a fresh install directly from ISO.

I have managed to boot into a fresh Centos 7 VPS, mount the ISO and add the FreePBX to the GRUB menu but once I select the option to install FreePBX I get errors regarding the kernel.

Commercial modules can only be installed on Sangoma OS, so you can but use their distributed iso.

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Seems like DigitalOcean has a FreePBX droplet. Will that not work for some reason?

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Seems like Vultr will allow you to upload an ISO to install from as well to one of their virtual machines:

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I went with Digital Ocean. So far, it has worked perfectly. Thank you!


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