Installing FreePBX - Error 255i

The problem is that you are wasting everyone’s time by telling lies. You said you followed the procedure in the wiki, but obviously you did not, and so we are trying to help you based on false information. If you want help, either install Distro (people here are familiar with it) or follow the linked wiki exactly and install FreePBX 16 on Debian 11. Several here are familiar with that too.


I will point out that your habit of giving ‘pissy’ replies is probably not a good recipe for ‘making friends and influencing people’. We can lead you to water, we can’t apparently get you to drink

Sorry to have offended you. I was merely suggesting an easier way to get a working PBX. As @billsimon said, another option is to follow exactly, a recipe written by an expert. A third option is to hire a consultant who is familiar with FreePBX. A fourth is to rent a cloud PBX that is already set up for you.

If you want to continue fighting the present battle, here is the contents of asterisk.conf on one of my systems:


Ok the problem is therefore an incorrect installation of asterisk I will try to find a solution there. I am not here to offend anyone but I ask not to be criticized.If I find the solution I will let you know I do not want to bother anyone anymore thanks for the interventions

I think I was kind, it is normal that if someone attacks I respond. Then think of it as you want

Reading the very first response to you, your reply did not read ‘kind’.

Si prendono più mosche con una goccia di miele che con un barile d’aceto

I can assure you your problem is not rooted in a bad installation of asterisk, just the modification of the directories line. Which might or migh not be necessary depending on how you installed aasterisk.

How are you getting on with your bash tutorials?

I execute this guide to the letter: I do not skip any command and / or passage the paths are set up according to this procedure on the site. Also when I log in to the shell I do all the installation with the root user

How to Install FreePBX 16 on Debian 11 with Asterisk 16 - FreePBX Documentation - Documentation

From the actual Wiki

I redid the installation from scratch and succeeded. I think that the installation did not copy the files at that moment I don’t know if it was due to the virtual machine or something else I just know that by reinstalling everything now works.

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