Installing FreePBX distro via Flash Drive

I am trying to install the FreePBX iso on a small atom based system that has to gotcha’s. a) it has no CDROM drive (plenty of USB ports though), and b) it needs a driver (Atheros AR8131) before it can get to the internet. (I do have the driver ready to install once the system is there.)

I’ve tried to use unetbootin to load the iso and I get the message about the lack of the kickstart file. It appears that it’s trying to download the file from the http site, but that isn’t going to work until it has internet.

The Thumb drive that I’m using seems to work because I can successfully use unetbootin to put Ubuntu on it and successfully install it on the PC. (Ubuntu seems to recognize the LAN hardware while CentOS doesn’t)

It seems to me that it must be something simple that I’m missing, to make this collection of tools and parts work together.

And I’ve never done it that way before

Ah, whatever is, is…

Bummer, because now I’ll have to do it the hard way… And I’ve never don’t it that way before (being lazy). I guess it will be good for me. Thanks for clearing up my difficulty, I have plenty of computers with working NIC’s, it’s just for this experiment, I’m trying to set up this ridiculously cheap atom based system as a small PBX. I’ll get there eventually.

Why does it require a supported NIC in order to install the ISO I wonder. My plan was to install the ISO and then add the NIC support. I’m not sure that I have an external USB internet card, I"ll have to look around.

My point is that about every other ISO (other than the freePBX and PIAF iso’s), I can use unetbootin, load up my Thumb Drive, walk over to the Foxconn PC and load’r up. I suppose that I can install Ubuntu Server and then install Asterisk et al, but I (being lazy) was looking for the easy and most likely more reliable alternative of a preconfigured (In that it has the right software and has theoretically been somewhat tested as a system) ISO.

I’ll have to think about it.

The issue is because we netinstall everything so it needs to pull down a kickstart from the internet so it knows how to proceed.

Without a NIC supported in the base anaconda there is no way to install the Distro. I would suggest trying a USB or PCI Network card that in known to be supported by anaconda.