Installing freepbx distro as a virtual server on a Windows 2008 machine

We have been running FreePBX and Asterisk on CentOS boxes for about five years. My boss feels that we might have

  1. a more reliable backup and recovery solution and
  2. avoid having to run upgrade scripts on more than one (backup) server(s)
    if we install the freepbx distro as a virtual machine on a windows server. We are also really a Windows shop.
    I cannot find any reference to running Asterisk this way on this forum, could I get some comments or suggestions?

Asterisk in a virtual environment is generally a bad idea. Certainly we do all of our testing in VM’s but nothing production.

With much tuning Xen Hypervisor seems to be the best. Some folks have had luck with ESXi. The trick is making sure the timing stays intact or you will have voice quality issues.

Getting it loaded on the Windows Hypervisor won’t be an issue, getting the voice quality stable will be tough. If you run large conferences I would not even think about it.

Thank you SkykingOH, as I suspected.