Installing FreePBX 6 64bit Asterisk 11 on a machine with no OS

I am trying to install a fresh Freepbx 6 64bit with Asterisk 11 from a USB and also a CD on a 64bit machine with no OS and I got this error message, though it keep going until it shows nothing on the screen and halted. The error message is:
ipmi_si:Interface detection failed. following by:
ipmi_si: Unable to find any sysem interfaces.

Can any one help please? I am a newbie in Linux.


Hey, if you dont have a existing OS, I would recommend you tou use the FreePBX Distro with this How To:

https :// Installing+FreePBX+10.13.66+Official+Distro

(Sorry for the weird link, but new users can not post links)

One such project you are planning is a great entry into the Unix world.

Thanks, I will try it.