Installing Fax Handling

Hi All,

I am really hoping you guys will be able to help, I have to admit that my head is hurting with all the reading on this subject. I have read all the resources I can find but can’t find one definitive answer. The only stuff I can find appear to be for different distro’s and different versions of asterisk etc. I am also aware that technically this is an asterisk problem not FreePBX problem, but this forum seems to be the most alive resource on the net…

Essentially I am trying to use the NVFax stuff but when I edit the configuration in AMP all my calls get binned before they are properly answered, a quick look at the command line asterisk console (just did asterisk -r, core show application NVfax) and it tells me that “Your Application is not installed”.

The setup is a Debian 4 box, with asterisk and FreePBX 2.5.1, I was aiming to use NVFax as I have used that before on an old TrixBox machine, its also a virtual machine and whilst that is causing me some headaches I don’t think that is causing this particular issue.

I have noticed that the ZapTel fax detection doesn’t bin my calls straight away but I am unsure what needs to be done to set this up - if this is a better way please let me know!

Its probably a really simple process but I just can’t do it…

Thanks for reading!

Hey All,

sorry to pester on this one, but I am still struggling. I have done more research and found out that the ZapTel stuff seems to not be what I’m looking for and instead NVFax is for SIP channels which I am using.

So I am again stuck. Please please please help, even if its just a very short pointer in the right direction - everything I find seems to be out of date or not appropriate for anything other that CentOS.

Thanks again!

90% of all development and documentation is targeted for CentOS. So assuming you are good with linux and debian you should be able to do the translation easily.

I’m not trying to start a OS debate here but there are reasons that the primary target OS format is CentOS. It has a lot to do with that’s what the asterisk development team targeted.

So once you step out of the main stream you’ve now removed 90% of the possible help, then with that last 10% it’s divided between all the other distributions.

Debian is the hardest of all of them.

You might find some better support to start at the asterisk forums, just describe what you are trying to do WITHOUT saying FreePBX. So you want to find documentation on using NVfax with SIP on debian and if somebody there knows (they are a bit more hardcore and you proably will find somebody) they will speak up. But also realize that they believe that you should know each and every line of your dial plan so they kind of frown on FreePBX from that angle.

Thanks for the response.

I realise that everything is built towards CentOS but I took the decision some time ago to stick with Debian because I was more comfortable with it - the last thing I wanted was to be in a position that I had a problem and was dependant on other peoples documentation and what have you.

I think half the problem I am having is that the majority of the docs out there, whilst for CentOS, don’t refer to the versions of asterisk that I am using, I will start research again though, removing all but asterisk 1.4 and nvfax - maybe that will help.

Thanks again for your help, anyone else with suggestions I would love to hear them. If I get this sorted I will post as good a how-to as I can here too.

The version of FreePBX should not make a difference unless you find things for pre 2.2.

I know that astrisk/FreePBX on debian is a issue and has been for w while, you’d have to search the site as to the reasons and details. I happen to work in a shop with almost 200 CentOS boxes so that is what I know and why I’m not of much help (and all of our faxing is done on PRI lines with ZAP)…

I have found this that claims to be what I need… This evening I will attempt to put into place and report back.