Installing endpointmanager 2.3.2 on latest 32bit distro, can't find Manual Endpoint Modules Upload

I downloaded endpointmanager with the following command:
Then using Module Administration uploaded the downloaded file.
Now in Module Administration I find the following entry:
End Point Manager
which I installed.
I now have a menu option Other
In the menu list for Other I have these options:
End Point Advanced Settings
End Point Configuration
End Point Device List
End Point Template Manager

When I choose the first option, EP Advanced Settings this is what is on the page:
( USA-5)USA-5
NMAP : /usr/bin/nmap
ARP : /sbin/arp
Asterisk :/usr/sbin/asterisk

<?=_( '> The next option EP Configuration has a button, Check for Updates. The third option EP Device List it says I need to enable at least One model. Then the fourth option EP Template Manager has a link for further documentation. We use Grandstream phones so I downloaded the indicated files. Now I can't figure out how to upload them because I can't find Manual Endpoint Modules Upload. Do you have any suggestions?


Don’t use something that is over a year old! (29-Sep-2010 03:40)

I’d be curious where you even found a link to that

Sorry but at this point I don’t recall where I found it. There are several websites out there that have information about your endpointmanager.

Thanks for the module. Installation was smooth and effective. I was able to download the Grandstream config. Does your endpointmanager have the ability to find the phones on the same subnet as the freepbx distro?

EPM can search for devices on the local LAN. See “End Point Device List”. Look at the “Search for new devices in netmask”.


I tried that but no devices are returned.

I can get by for now.

Install nmap. what do you see when you run arp -a

I should have updated this conversation. My subnet mask was wrong. I was using 24 and should have been using 22. Now it finds all the endpoints.

I do have some questions about using endpointman to program the multi-function button assignments on the gxp2124. It has 24 multi function buttons but I can’t seem to program them with endpointman. Another complication is that all of them are to have the same values. The phones will be used by a group and they need to be able to call each other by using the multi-function buttons.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.