Installing asterisk-addons


I installed asteriskNOW 1.7 and have the Asterisk 1.6.2. Everything is working fine but I have trouble installing Asterisk Add-Ons I tried the upload module on FreePbx but it tells me that the format is invalid. I tried a wget and exploding the tarball but it doesn’t appear on modules locally. I tried manually starting it but the menuselect command doesn’t work.

I am in a loss of what I can do =)

Asterisk-addons is part of Asterisk, not part of FreePBX.

Do you try yum install asterisk16-addons ? ( try yum list asterisk16* to get the exact name.)

I installed it using exactly that “yum install asterisk16-addons”. I had asterisk16-mysql installed earlier as well so I am not sure it was needed but it worked after reinstall.

Where can I write it down to be available to everyone in a kind of official place? It is a very very useful thing to have installed.

Thanks for the tip