Installing a TDM card into freePBX

Hey guys,

I am trying to setup a voip system at my dads work,

I have set every thing up regarding the VOiP side,

I have loaded Zoiper on a few computers and tested the network etc and it all works fine. I have the extentions all sorted.

Now what i need to do is intergrate the TDM card and 2 phone lines?

How complicated is setting it up? can it be done in FreePBX or does it have to be done with linux code in asterisk?


Any help will be greatly appereciated.

dealing with the same issue, see ‘My ‘Now What’’ post, you make be able to gleam some ideas from that

It looks like Zoiper is the soft phone only, correct? If so then posting what system you are using may be a help (i.e. FreePBX v.27, Asterisk 1.6, etc). Also what type of TDM are you using.

yes zoiper is the softphone.

i think i have freepbx running ontop of asterisk.

I have not bought the TDM card yet. I wanted to foinf out if it was a complicated task.

Installing a TDM card can be a complicated task. The “older” drivers were called zaptel, the name zaptel was copyrighted/trademarked by another company not associated with Asterisk. Digium had to change the name from zaptel to dahdi (digium asterisk hardware driver interface). So depending on the version of Asterisk you will be using zaptel drivers or dahdi drivers. Asterisk 1.4 and earlier uses zaptel, Asterisk 1.6 uses dahdi.

Besides the name change, there was some rework on the dahdi driver itself, tools and location of the configuration files. FreePBX runs dahdi in zaptel compatability mode…

The main issue with legacy cards is that Asterisk is very unforgiving of errors. If there is one error than none of the fxs or fxo ports will work. The fxs/fxo configuration stops and the fx0/fxs configuration is ignored. This also applies to T1/E1 PRI too.

Here’s a website that discusses Installing and Testing Zaptel Hardware and here’s its mate: Installing and Testing Dahdi Hardware