Installer ISO?

Hi. Hope this offends absolutely NO ONE!

Is there an ISO for installing FreePBX 2.3, Asterisk 1.4, and whatever flavor of Linux it comes with?
I was recently turned onto a NerdVittles pbxinaflash 1.1 ISO but I don’t know what it comes with yet. I’ll have to install it and see.

If an ISO is not available to anyone’s knowledge, then are there good install scripts available that will do the work of the complete install without having to piece it all together myself?

For that matter, should I even be trying to use Asterisk 1.4, or stick with 1.2 for now?

Some kind words and words of experience will be greatly appreciated. Thx!

I found this script at this address.,
but I have problems (due undoubtedly my to inexperience with Linux !).
The guy wrote this wonderful script is here:
If only I can make it work…I am probably doing something very wrong
I have a virtual dedicated host at GoDaddy…
I have tried it in CentOS 4 & 5
I have been trying to install it remotely in the root using this
result: PEAR DB does not exist, and apparently “must be installed”… =Fatal error.
For sure, it is my error, but I do knot know what to do, yet.
All ideas are most welcome…Thanks!

PBX in a Flash:

Basically, it is CentOS 5.1, Asterisk 1.4.X, FreePBX 2.3, MySQL, Apache and PHP.