Installed the latest ISO and cannot get Fax For Asterisk Working

Hello Everyone,
I have run in to an issue that I need a little guidance on. I have searched the all mighty Google and have found a little about the issue but I am still stumped…

I have that I installed from ISO with Asterisk 1.6.2.x 64-bit. I will only be using this box for a Conference bridge and Fax For Asterisk server.

I went to the Digium AddOns menu and installed Free Fax For Asterisk and Fax For Asterisk. I then obtained a free FFA license and applied it. I now show “Max Registrations” which is good. However, when I create a virtual extension and look at the section to enter an email address for fax delivery, I get this error.

“ERROR: No FAX modules detected! Fax-related dialplan will NOT be generated. This module requires Fax for Asterisk or spandsp based app_fax or app_rxfax to function.”

Should the FFA installation be as simple as clicking the install button?

When I do a “core show applications” in the CLI I don’t see anything related to faxing. So then tried to “yum install asterisk16-res_fax.x86_64” only to be told that it conflicts with an already installed Asterisk Addons package. THEN I learned that there really isn’t a conflict. It’s more of a GPL licensing thing and this was intentionally broken to play by the rules…

So I am still stuck with not being able to get the FFA installed. I am looking for any advice on where to look next…

I appreciate it.

Hi Perry. I’m in your same situation.
It seems that the “install” feature did not do much… But maybe it refers to the license installation process.
I’m looking at the old step-by-step installation instructions provided on digium site
I’ll keep you informed.

I confirm you… I followed the instructions of the README starting from the point number 2…
At the end it seems to be installed correctly.
Now it’s time to play with configuration ! :wink:
Good luck !