Installed, NOW WHAT?

I have run the installer and want to use CALLCENTRIC with it. But i cant find anywhere to put that info in. Can someone walk me thru the step by step of adding the call centric credentials as well as how i TFTP provision my phone… I know how the phone works but i ment how do i auto provision the phone via tftp… please let me know i am lost here…

Nobody is going to give you step by step instructions.

For God’s sake there is even a You Tube video on how to setup a Callcentric trunk.

With regard to the phones, you don’t even tell us what kind of phones they are, how could we possibly help you?

Without complete network documentation can’t comment on how to setup your DHCP and boot server settings.

Do you realize you did not even tell us what software you installed, I don’t know what an “installer” is nor do I have a crystal ball.

The software is free, the onus is on you to learn how to use it. We are here to answer specific questions.

Stop being lazy and start searching the web and read a few getting started guides.

Well said Scott. We can not read minds nor do we have the time to offer Free step by step support. There is always the FreePBX paid Support if you need some hand holding.

@thereverend - This stuff isn’t rocket science, but there is a lot of details and a base level understanding of how it works is necessary- once you gain a little more insight you’ll see why you’re asking an impossible question. It will require some sweat equity on your part, but it’s well worth it. If you don’t have the willingness or the time, you will need to hire someone to help you.

If you do want to learn, get the freePBX distro (or any of the others) running on a virtual machine (vmware, etc) on your existing laptop or desktop. Make a clean backup of the vm post install. Then read through some online resources (online guides, forum threads) and start building. If you make a mistake that you can’t get out of, it’s just a vm, so blow it away and start over with a backup and have another go. There’s no better way to learn. Good luck.