Installed. No idea what to do now. I better ask if this can do what I want it to do first

I just got this installed on a box and I have no idea what to do now. Here is how I want it configured.
So I have 20 or so DiDs hosted with Vitelity. Up until now I have been using call forwarding from Vitelity to route the DiDs where I want them when I want to. This works fine but its more expensive to use their call forwarding then it is for regular SIP service.
I obviously needed a PBX. I just installed FREEPBX on a box here on my desk and… I am clueless at what to do now.
The configuration I want is
Someone dials a did and hears a particular voice prompt targeted for that DiD. The prompt says "Thank you for calling to schedule a ride to logan airport press 1 for immediate service press 2 now"
Each option would cause the call to route to a different outside line.
A few DiDs will have no voice prompt and just route to an outside line all the time.
Each did that does have a voice prompt will have its own particular voice prompt. Vitelity has been my VoiP provider for some time now and I don’t know that there is anyone cheaper. Even if there is a cheaper service I rather not wait for porting and pay porting fees to get this set up. So if you work for another VoIPCO. I am not switching to them no matter what you say.
I would like some other features on this if they are even available.

  1. I was with another VoIPCO at one point that did not pass “private” and “blocked” tags. Meaning people could dial*67 all they wanted to and it would still announce their phone number to me. If this is something that can be done I want it. The safety of my coworkers is very important to me. 2)If it is available I am considering call recording. 3)What else should I absolutely have? I know… I want the calls to drop after 90 seconds. No mater how much money having my own PBX saves me I have an issue where selecting option 1 for immediate service routes your call to a number I have no control over. This means these leave people on hold for 20 minutes sometimes. Once a call hits 90 seconds or maybe 2 minutes I would like it to drop the call. If I can do this and give them some kind of message indicating we are experiencing higher then normal call volume before the fucking call drops great… if not I dont care I am just not paying for people to stay on hold for 20 minutes. 4) When the calls pass through my box to anywhere else I want the box to announce the caller id of the party calling. Meaning if I dial one of my own DiDs I want the receiving party to see my number and not the number of the Box.

I really don’t get it, everything takes time to learn. You can’t drive a car if you have never learned how to, same goes for FreePBX.

I’m an IT guy but not an expert at telecom and it took me some time to figure it out but now we have a working setup (and I still have a lot to learn).
All I did was follow these 2 manuals and did some googling.

First of all, I edited out your foul language, please don’t do that here.

Everything you want to do is possible, some requires a bit of scripting (the 3 min disconnect) the rest is just programming.

I spoke with you at least 3 years ago regarding this application. I believe you had a system running. Now you don’t know how to configure announcements and call routing? Have you you reviewed the documentation and feature list?

I am not sure what you expect in a forum message. If you have a specific question about programming your IVR (phone menu) or a misc. destination to forward a number please do.

I expected it to be more user friendly then it actually is. I am sure it is better then looking at a black and white screen with a curser blinking but it is still not as easy as I had hoped.

Thank you for the assistance.

Bostonian’s expectations are often unreasonable.

Just look at your Red Sox :slight_smile:

at least we dumped all our bums on the Dodgers and are in a prime position to kick ass again nextyear

As a Dodger fan, I can but say, Thanks we will use them well, but . .

Again you kick your problems down the road, Just stop whining and do your homework with FreePBX :slight_smile: , it is only “user friendly” to sentient beings.

I think I am going to give up and have my Voipco build me a hosted solution.

That sounds like a very unreasonable Bostonian attitude.

What happened to your independent attitude?

at the end of the day i am just a cabbie… I had to learn about Voip,seo,how to build sites all kinds of crap i never wanted to learn. I think i lost a bit of geography at this point.

My Voipco is going to do the setup for free to keep me as a customer. I know I will lose $ in the long run with a hosted solution but it is a solution. Until now I have been forwarding to outside lines from their user portal. its expensive as hell… like 2 cents a minute.

I still want a .annoy system can freepbx do that?

yes, there is nothing wrong with being a cabbie, but you will need to “not be a cabbie” to do that. Buy another hat, and then put it on.

I am saying…

My head is full and I am getting tired of all these hats… I just want to drive the stupid car. Maybe I will get lucky and someone will say “Follow that car”

Then go in peace with your Vendor’s offer.

We are always here to offer direction and support, never to offer the lead though, how would that work for everyone?

I am surprised that your hosted company gave you sub 2 cent rates and a free setup.

What I have found in life is you get what you pay for. You may not have analyzed the “in and out” nature of your traffic or they have some type of minimum bill.

Qualified people don’t work for free, they would not stay in business for long.

It would be great if somone posted a moron level tutorial

I see questions like this and I don’t understand, what do you see as a “moron level”?

There are so many tutorials on the Web. The “Without Tears” guides while saying trixbox on them still are 95% relevant and very easy to follow.

While the actual menu looks different FreePBX has not changed the screen layout in 7+ years.