Installed asterisk 1.6 with freepbx - now what?

I have a home network, downloaded the asterisknow! iso, burned cd, installed and am at the login prompt. On my workstation (another computer, I logged into freepbx. Now what? I add an extension, then I need what else? I have rummaged around with keyword searching, but haven’t found a howto that gives me steps including:
what is the login that gets me to the asterisk directory to view extensions.conf, etc.?
what is the order of configuring freepbx to populate asterisk conf files properly?
Is there a terminal within the freepbx that can start/stop asterisk? Also, what are the commands needed for rebooting, starting, and stopping asterisk?

FreePBX takes care of all the configuration files for you!

“Hooks” exist to all of the dial plans generated in case you ever want to write custom code to extend the dial plan. Only edit files with the name “custom” in them.

FreePBX installs a script called amportal that can be used to start and stop. Simply type “amportal help” for a list of all the things it will do.

If you take a look at Ben Sharif’s guides for trixbox, PBXIAF and Elastix (take your pick) any of these will get you familiar with the FreePBX interface. All of these project use FreePBX in one form or another.

Here is the link…

Of course the documentation link here on FreePBX for each module is also very helpful for exact syntax of the latest versions.