Installed a Sangoma B600DE-but nothing shown in DAHDI Config?

Not sure what I need to do to get it recognized. Running FreePBX, with DAHDI Config at 2.11.53. Card is getting power (I have lights on the back of the card). I had thought drivers were already loaded for this, though maybe I’m running a version pre-driver inclusion?

Are you using FreePBX Distro. if so what version of FreePBX Distro?

You installed the DAHDI driver from the Asterisk website?

Theoretically, the dahdi (and maybe wanpipe) driver should be there, but the software is independent of the Asterisk or FreePBX versions, so getting the “right one” for your card might make a difference.

You’re going to want the dahdi-complete package that works with your hardware. For my systems, Version 2.11 (IIRC) is the right one.

Once you get the software installed, you’ll need to make sure that DAHDI is getting started before Asterisk loads. You may also want to make sure the card is correctly configured with the DAHDI software before you try to use the FreePBX tools on it.

yes, currently on 6.12.65-27

I had not- the docs implied everything was plug and play, though maybe I’m running too old of a version of the distro.

Check your DAHDI software buy running the dahdi-{tools}. There’s a load of them - use 'find / -name dahdi\* " to locate them.

The only thing that returned anything from those was dahdi_test (99.999% accuracy) and dahdi_speed (Count: 1881734). So it looks like I probably need to download and compile a clean wanpipe and dahdi driver, but I think I will bring the machine up to the current v12 release before I do that, just in case something there resolves it (or the new drivers are dependent on it somehow).

OK- went through the whole Sangoma install list here:

And everything looks to be ok, I just need to test onsite-(I’m offsite, but everything updated installed and now I see the hardware and can do set up).