Installation USB


Is it normal that I lose my time to install from USB, How many peoples are working on freepbx project ?
My side I’m just a lonely dev and when I post an Iso or other, I first make many test and I’m sure it work, but
sure most of time I work with debian :smile:

USB install method for Freepbx is just NOT WORKING at all both with ISO or IMG, don’t waste your time !

If anyone have a easy and full working method to have FreepBX64 installer on a stick working fine
when I plug it and boot target computer without Grub or other problem, let me know


In what way is it not working, i have just built and installed a production PBX using IMG x64 this week, Its the 3rd system in the last month, all working fine built from USB stick. I assume you are doing something wrong?

Download the image file, use Win32diskimager to copy the IMG file to the USB stick and boot.

Sorry, but it does work, and work very well.


Thank’s for your advice, finaly I have bought an USB DVD and install it without tears
With your method FreePBX-64bit-5.211.65.img and Win32DiskImager-0.9.5
each time I just get a Grub error.

I’ve done several installs with USB. I always use unetbootin and the latest ISO to create the bootable USB stick. As Dale stated - installing from USB works very well.


Thank’s for answer maybe the “Integral” usb stick model or the D525 hardware is bad
I try many way: erased it with Killdisk or preformated, it’s allways same thing, Grub error !

Right no problems, Freepbx is on my server now, just it’s sad in 2014 to buy an old device like a DVD.

My goal is to make my Cyberhotel module available for Freepbx
I have to support peoples for installation and it must be easy and 100% working each time.

If you are sure to have a 100% working howto, you are welcome,

thanks again