Installation troubles

(Tonils) #1


I’m keen to evaluate this for our hosted PBX service.

I am having trouble with the yum repo file. It appears that does not return any base URLs. If I visit directly I also do not get any output (with theses options).

Any suggestions?

(Tony Lewis - #2

Where are you getting that url from. It should be

Notice the x86_64 where yours is setup as x64_86

(Tonils) #3

Sorry, finger trouble

What I have in m3.repo is

(Tonils) #4

Aaah, I see what is going on here. I have installed CentOS 7, not CentOS 6. Your wiki impllies support for both versions (although CentOS 7 is beta), and the repo URL is different.

The repo URL provided for CentOS 7 does not work…

I will load up a CentOS 6 server for my evaluation.

(Rob Thomas) #5

Yes, sorry, C7 will sorta kinda work, but it’s not recommended just yet. Stick with CentOS 6.