Installation timeout

I am already downloading the stable version, but I started with BETA-3.211.63-5 and go to where I selected the time and it said checking dependencies and then I get a blue screen on the top that says welcome to centOS for i386 and it stays there with no progress at all. I waited two hours and have tried it several times with several different selections of 1.8 10 and 11 and it freezes at the same place every time. I will try the stable but is there any reason it should pause here for that long?

I was able to solve my own problem. Instead of using static IP for setup I had to use dynamic, even though my network is a static network. Now I have 3 internal phones that can make calls out using Google Voice. If someone else has this problem try switching it to dynamic, but you’d have to have your router with DHCP enabled, at least for a small range.