Installation problems

I am installing FreePBX on Centos 6.2 “The Hard Way” (using the tarball).
(I prefer not to reformat my HDD.)

First, 3 obvious errors on your instructions (which you may wish to fix):

cd /freepbx-2.9.0 cd freepbx-2.9.0
/.start_asterisk start ./start_asterisk start
/.install_amp ./install_amp

My problem: How do I get DB.php ?
Executing “install_amp”, I get the following error message:

[[email protected] freepbx-2.9.0]# ./install_amp
Checking for PEAR DB…FAILED
[FATAL] PEAR must be installed (requires DB.php). Include path: .:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php

DB.php is not in /usr/share/pear ; /usr/share/php is an empty directory.

I understand they are working on their Centos 6.x release, but to be stable stay in Centos 5.x

I’m sure there are people who have this working, but I don’t believe there is anything major to be had for jumping over to 6.

Dick, you must not have pear installed.

Make sure all the dependencies are right.

The best instructions on the net are at

It’s the one I refer to in the field when building a system from scratch.