Installation Package

I am a new here in FreePBX. In the download page “” there is Full ISO and Network Installer. If some one would know what difference between those two packages…


One has all the files on a CD, the other downloads them via a network connection.

I see you post your question in the FreePBX forum and not the distro.

You do realize this is an installer for the FreePBX distro project? It installs CentOS Linux, Asterisk, all the required support programs (DB, Web server etc.) and FreePBX.

Oh is it so…??
I thought ISO files means images of the original files while the Network installer means downloading under workstations in LAN!

Well ISO technically means “International Standards Organization” and is shorthand for ISO-1014 and is part of the original Red Book standards. Technically it refers to the media.

Both of the FreePBX distro’s are in ISO format, one is a net installer that uses your Internet to retrieve the files after installing a small boot kernel. The other does not need a network connection to install.

ISO and “Net Installer” are not FreePBX terms, they are used throughout the Open Source community and computing in general.


Thanks a lot for that clarification buddy!!