Installation of Sugarcrm in Trixbox


Can any one help me how to install sugarcrm in trixbox. i have completed downloading the sugarcrm from sourceforge and getting session.save_path error() message.

I think you asked on the wrong Forum.

Ask yourself first:

Could SugarCRM’s installation on a Trixbox system be related (directly or indirectly) to FreePBX?

My personal answer:

No, it couldn’t.

Search on SugarCRM’s Forum (which should exists) or Trixbox’s Forum (which, I think, doesn’t exist at all).

Indeed this is the FreePBX forum but the remaining trixbox users have been abandoned. Though the SugarCRM community may be more helpful in getting the added software in place you will still be on a platform that has not been developed, maintained, or updated in years. This means your system is vulnerable to years worth of security exploits. A CRM is used to house your customer information. Even if you use the latest version of that app which may be secure you still have all the other components. Shutting a door but leaving all the windows open is not a good way to keep out pests.

My recommendation would be to bring up your platform to something maintained and actively developed before you consider putting your customers information on it.