Installation misunderstanding

Hi. I’ve Centos 7 netinstall. I tried several times to install freepbx 13 on it, with asterisk 11. I used this manual :

I omit dahhi and pjlibrary installation.

I get that error :

    [[email protected] html]# fwconsole restart
    Running FreePBX shutdown...
      fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given
    restart [-i|--immediate] [args1] ... [argsN]

What can I check?

Your asterisk is in a crash loop.

after googling the whole day, fixed!

after that command, the error changed and increased up to 9 error.
asterisk -rx “core stop now” ; fwconsole stop && fwconsole chown && fwconsole start
but the error said "execute fwconsole ma install sipsettings "

so I executed that command and errors disappeared.

Now I have lots of error in logs basically concerns about contexts for example:
Context ‘some-context’ tries to include non-existent context ‘some-context-custom’

but basic modules works fine (IVR, trunk, inbound, extensin and so on.)

This is normal, just ignore these notices.