Installation issue - unable to enter installation

Hello trying to install either the latest stable or beta without success. The machine is running dual 270 opteron amd’s plus 2 x drives in raid with 4gb memory on a Arima HDAMA-I motherboard. I have tried drives in out / different drive plus memory changes and latest bios’s without success.

When the cd is first booted it says the normal iso linux by xxx text then when it would go to the blue selection screen it hangs with a white rectangle and two parallel squiggly lines.

I have tried other cd’s that use Linux iso boot i.e a full install of asteriskNow all working ok.

Can anyone help with the issue or know what is causing it.

Kind Regards,


I usually do my installs in a virtual machine and it works. If you want to see how it should work, install VMWare Player, VMWare Server, of VMWare ESXi and run the installer there. Make sure your machine is compatible with CentOS 5.5. Try different hardware.