Installation Help

So what is the correct Configuration for a Newbie here.

I have downloaded Asterisk and it has freePBX 2.5.0 but I have no idea how to go from here after the installation, on what I need to configure,

Can I have from Modem to Alphasheil to ROuter then from router to the Asterisk.

Does Alpha Shelid prevent connection.

ANd What do we do after we installed it, I wish there was a CLearer Step by Step, on how to configure the FreePBX , Anyone with simple Step by step instruction
Please and thank You

Since it sounds like you are just getting you feet wet. Why not start with a Distro install and grab one of the many well written manuals for them. They all take you from installation to up and running in a hour and you also start from a good known state versus building from scratch where you might have missed a step or done something slightly different without the full understanding that it might break things.

Try PBX in a flash, Elastix, AsteriskNow 1.5 Beta (manual does not exist but same process as previous distros. There are many out (just stay away from trixbox).

As for a good manual the without tears series if very good you can find them here:

Yes I have installed the AsteriskNOW 1.5 Beta, what is now happemning is when I go to the other computer and do http://ipaddress and then I see the 3 option and click the administraion and asked ot log in, but it refuses my login info, if however I try with the Asterisk machine I login without problem with the same info

Ok your first message was not very clear.

download the manual for pbx in a flash and follow it. The products are different but similar enough thanks to FreePBX that 95% of the without Tears documentation will work without any issues for you.