INstallation behind Windows 2008 R2 gateway

Will I be able to set the host(Distro server) name, IP addresses, and domain name to join thre network domain(ie. I need to join the PBXserver box to the domain ( I can setup ports on the gateway server for in/out access.

Either that, or capture the MAC address and set a fixed address in DHCP for the server so when it joins the network under DHCP.

Sorry I am lost at what you need. Not sure why you would want a linux box joined to your domain server. Just have it on the network and let it use DHCP or a static IP Address.

I need to assign ports on ForeFront Gateway and it looks for a server on the network. If I assign a fixed IP ON dhcp, I am required to supply a MAC address. Suppling a MAC address would be eiasiest since DHCP would join the PBXserver on the network. Then I could assign ports by server name.