Installation and Configuration of new system

We have a 24 Channel PRI coming into our building. The cords for that system hook into some patch panels on the wall as well is into a couple of devices to make the Mitel 5000 (current system) work.

Am I correct in assuming that I won’t be able to get FreePBX to work with the current setup?

What do I need to do to get started if that is the case?

You can either get a T1/PRI card to install in the server, or if you can use something like the Sangoma Vega gateway to convert the PRI into SIP so the system can talk to it over Ethernet. Very easy to do overall, so you should have no problems moving to FPBX if desired…

Install in the server…

This sounds like I may not be able to run FreePBX on a Virtual Machine (VMWare)?

The Vega boxes look like what the Mitel boxes are currently doing, converting the lines coming in. Interesting.

Thanks for the info!

It depends on the Host of the VM’s, and the nature of the VM, if it is a linux host, then the easiest and possibly cheapest way is to install the T1 hardware and dahdi on the host and setup Level-2 “Dynamic span(s)” between dahdi on the VM and Dahdi on the Host. You can “passthrough” the current Mitel system if you have two PRI ports on the mitel.