Install XMPP commercial, XMPP Chat in UCP Fails

Running FreePBX 13, bought XMPP, installed, set XMPP domain to servers hostname, gave user accounts access, login to UCP, click on start new XMPP as soon as I type 1 character into the 2 box, the UCP totally disconnects. What am I missing here?

Also, now after I’ve purchased XMPP when you call from one extension to another, it rings 3 times before the destination extension even rings once, so there’s a delay now too.

That has nothing to do with XMPP

Fine and dandy, I’m not as concerned about the delay, as much as the native XMPP chat in the UCP disconnecting as soon as you type a single character, any character into the To Field of the window that pops up. My system is 100% default FreePBX distro default installed, zero settings changed other then IP’s and hostnames. Got any suggestions?

It’s most definitely a bug so I have no suggestions. I didn’t reply to this originally for that reason

ahhhhh, I can’t seem to get the XMPP to work with Zoiper windows desktop application or android application either. The SIP connects just fine, on both extensions, makes all calls, everything is solid there, but every time I try and send a chat thru zoiper, it says:

Sending message failed: Hey there (cause: service or option not implemented, unspecificed)

I have the XMPP domain set to the hostname of the server, and its enabled on the user accounts in FreePBX, passwords resubmitted as required, chat still doesn’t work, any thoughts there?

Ok well FreePBX 13 is still a work in progress for Commercial Modules. Can you open a bug report at outlining your problem and we can take a look.