Install Web-meetme with FreePBX [Need Help]

Hi guys, I need assistance regarding installing web-meetme to use with freepbx.
Firstly I have installed FreePBX 2.6.0. Rc2.1 . The problem is with installing my web-meetme v3.0.3 . I’ve run into a DB error: no such database in regards to the file at /www/var/web-meetme/lib/defines.php . Hope anyone can help me out, thanks.

all I did was this:

From inside

cd /Var/www/html/welcome/

nano .htindex.cfg

or nano /var/www/html/welcome/.htindex.cfg

locate and comment the line that looks something like this:

1,meetme,./web-meetme,Web MeetMe3,ico_meetme.png

to this ;1,meetme,./web-meetme,Web MeetMe3,ico_meetme.png

Removal of previous Web MeetMe

  1. From your PBXIAF, remove the entire folder:

  2. From inside /root/, delete all scripts with the characters “meetme3” in them. (install-meetme3.x, or if your trying to run this script again, also remove

  3. Using the FreePBX Config Editor, from inside extensions_custom.conf, remove the following contexts in their entirety:
    [mm-announce], [mm-end], and [custom-meetme3]

  4. Remove (or don’t) any FreePBX Custom Destinations you have created to use the Previous install of Web MeetMe. The custom destination code (custom-meetme3,s,1) is the same for both versions of Web Meetme, so you’ll very likely still need these – and would just end up creating them again) Either way, the new install will create a Custom Destination for use with Web MeetMe – which you may use or ignore.

  5. Remove any FreePBX Misc Applications you have created to use the previous install of Web MeetMe. This step is important – the new version creates its own Feature Code to replace the Miscellaneous Application. Because we have created a module for Web MeetMe, you will now have a feature code to dial – which can be configured from the FreePBX feature code page.

  6. Remove the KennonSoft menu Web-MeetMe Icon.
    From inside /Var/www/html/welcome/.htindex.cfg, locate and delete the line that looks something like this:
    1,meetme,./web-meetme,Web MeetMe3,ico_meetme.png

Don’t forget to save your changes!

  1. Remove Previous Web Security Settings
    The previous versions of Web MeetMe create entries in the web security control file, as does this new script. In order to prevent unnecessary build up in the file, the previous installs entries should be removed.

In /etc/pbx/httpdconf/pbx.conf, locate and remove the block that looks like this:

#Password protect /var/www/html/web-meetme
<Directory /var/www/html/web-meetme>
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Restricted Area"
AuthUserFile /usr/local/apache/passwd/wwwpasswd
Require user wwwadmin maint meetme

Don’t forget to save your changes.

  1. Optional: Remove Web MeetMe database.
    If you don’t want to keep any of your current Web MeetMe configurations or meeting schedule data (you want a “clean” install), you may use phpMyAdmin to drop the meetme database from the system. From inside phpMyAdmin, select the webmeetme database. Then, in the upper right hand corner, click DROP. Be careful, if you’ve selected the wrong database – there is no recovery.

The database has not changed between the versions of Web Meetme – if you leave your existing Database, it will be adopted and used just fine by the new install.