Install using HA Distro does not allocate all HDD Space

Continuing the discussion from HA installation ISO:

In the thread above, Korovin was able to get 300GB for CentOS while the rest to lvm.

for us, HA 10.13.66 (Asterisk 13) is installed on VMWare. 1TB has been allocated but sda2/dm-0 get only 46.9GB of space. How can we use all available free space?

Will activating the HA license allocate the disk space automatically?

Yes. The remaining disk space will be apportioned between asterisk, mysql, apache and a small ‘spare’ volume.

i see asterisk gets 439GB of space while the spare get 50GB.

Where is the location of the call recording and will i get a bigger space for asterisk if i am going to use a 4TB HDD?