Install the FreePBX 13 firewall?

Hi! I just installed FreePBX 13 using the USB image. After the first login, among other settings FreePBX asks me if I want to install the built-in firewall. It warns me that I should add the IP into the DMZ of my router, otherwise “maybe” (perhaps) there will be compatibility issues that could impar the FreePBX operation. This “perhaps” left me curious, hence my question.

Question: has anybody installed the FreePBX built-in firewall and is running it behind the router firewall (out side the DMZ) without any issues?

Any experience sharing here is welcome! :slight_smile:

The Firewall will work fine if your PBX is not in the DMZ. The notice is meant to notify users that if your PBX is not in a DMZ, it is up to you to make the necessary port forwards in your router for whatever services you require.

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Many thanks Lorne. I managed to get the FreePBX working fine. I am now configuring it.

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