Install problem with FreePBX package from china

I am always facing the problem when installing ISO. Maybe, I am from china, so it causes the DNS or access problem. everytime, I install the ISO or my customers install the ISO, the system will stop at FreePBX packages for at least 2 hours, sometimes, it takes 8 hours to install freepbx packages. Do you have any suggestion to optimiz the install process?

I wonder if your connection is getting throttled from there which is why it takes so long or locks up. It looks like you are using physical systems for your PBX and not VMs. Have you looked into doing one successful build and then imaging the drive with image for linux and anytime you need to build a new system , just restore the image instead of reinstalling the entire operating system?
I believe Acronis and a few others have one as well.


thanks, I tried both VM or physical server, the problem is same.

I was trying to suggest doing a full successful build and using that as your go to image / template for your future builds. For a physical system, you would restore it using image for linux and for a VM, you can export your successful build in your hypervisor and restore those so you don’t have to go through this again.

Unfortunately for your current build you may just have to wait it out and hope it completes as it sounds like your connect may be getting limited somewhere.

Many users in china complain with me about this problem.