Install over existing Asterisk?


I’ve taken a look at this and other forums, but its not clear to me whether I can install FreePBX over an existing Asterisk installation.

I have FC7 + Asterisk 1.4.11, with Zaptel & TDM400.

What will happen if I install FreePBX on this system? Will it blow away FC7 / 1.4.11 / existing Asterisk config files?

Is it possible to have FreePBX adopt existing configuration files, and act as a GUI for these?

I realise that these might just be silly questions, that don’t properly appreciate what FreePBX does, but I’d still like to be humoured with answers!


You can install over your existing installation but it will not adopt any of your configuration and for the most part will replace most of those files. FreePBX is not a ‘GUI’ for Asterisk configuration files in the same way that the Asterisk GUI is. FreePBX has it’s own GUI for its own application layer that implements your PBX on top of Asterisk, so you must configure your installation within FreePBX.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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backup the /etc/asterisk files to another directory before you install freepbx. If you find you don’t like it, you can always just move them back in to the /etc/asterisk directory and run asterisk alone instead of using amportal start/stop.

This will also let you look back for all the details you’ll forget about the straight asterisk installation.