Install Openvpn Client in FREEPBX

So im in middle east and there is no way i can get public ip / port forwarding on my router
i have freepbx with goip (sim gateway) trunk and i want to use my remote workers to connect to freepbx from their home
since i can not configure port forwarding and public ip, so having VON Server in office will not gonna work.
i will host pfsense server on cloud and configure openvpn client in freepbx.
will this work or anyone have done this before?

Appreciate if you can share the idea

With OpenVPN on the PBX, you still need to forward the VPN port.

Not as he has proposed, with the FreePBX box as a client.

The proposed setup should work.

Another option would be a cloud instance of FreePBX the remote clients could connect to directly, then a trunk between the cloud and local instances. Advantage would be no vpn setup for the remote clients.

The distro has openvpn (client and server) installed. You can activate the client for support connections etc. You just need to configure the client for your needs…

May I also recommend wireguard as an alternative.

Freepbx VPN Client can connect to cloud Openvpn server ?

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