Install Openvpn Client in FREEPBX


So im in middle east and there is no way i can get public ip / port forwarding on my router
i have freepbx with goip (sim gateway) trunk and i want to use my remote workers to connect to freepbx from their home
since i can not configure port forwarding and public ip, so having VON Server in office will not gonna work.
i will host pfsense server on cloud and configure openvpn client in freepbx.
will this work or anyone have done this before?

Appreciate if you can share the idea

(Itzik) #2

With OpenVPN on the PBX, you still need to forward the VPN port.


Not as he has proposed, with the FreePBX box as a client.

The proposed setup should work.

Another option would be a cloud instance of FreePBX the remote clients could connect to directly, then a trunk between the cloud and local instances. Advantage would be no vpn setup for the remote clients.

(TheJames) #4

The distro has openvpn (client and server) installed. You can activate the client for support connections etc. You just need to configure the client for your needs…

May I also recommend wireguard as an alternative.


Freepbx VPN Client can connect to cloud Openvpn server ?