Install howto Debian etch, asterisk 1.4 and freepbx 2.3

Hi all,
I posted a “from scratch” howto for the above in the documentation area linked to here

It covers install of Debian, source download and compiling of Asterisk

hope someone finds it useful.


One note, you don’t need the linux-source package, the linux-headers package is enogh - and then you wont need to configure the source either.


please advise about a how-to for installing freePBX on Debian ETCH ! thank you

what r the requirments installing freepbx on fedora 9.plz describe briefly

PLEASE, please do not hijack a thread. nothing in this thread is about Fedora 9. Start a new thread as people looking to help others will only see the subject of the first message and then come and read with the intent to help or get help on Debian not Fedora.

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