Install Help for a NOOB!

I have installed for the first time and it seems to work. Have sip trunks and sip extensions. The web config works but the pannel doesn’t. It gives me error. I am using DHCP so I don’t know what to do to get it working?

Any help would be great.

AMPWEBADDRESS: the IP address or host name used to access the AMP web admin


I have tried xx.xx.xx.xx as well and both give me same error. Both result in the page can not be found.

So don’t know what to do.

what error are you getting when you click on the panel button?

I configured a static IP address and it works fine as long as I input the static address in the amportal.conf file. But the problem is I need this to work through dhcp for demonstration purposes. I thought localhost or xx.xx.xx.xx should work and it would just use local dhcp assigned address. But it doesn’t it gives me error that the page at localhost or xx.xx.xx.xx can not be found. This is when accessing the web interface from another computer in the same lan. Yet the FreePBX administration and ARI work fine with DHCP. I don’t know what more I can tell you it is an error in firefox when I click on the panel link it gives error page can not be found.

All this is for is INFO only it does NOT control anything …
leave it blank is fine…

So stop messing at it and tell us what the problem is…

#AMPWEBADDRESS: the IP address or host name used to access the AMP web admin