Install for Centos 5.1, iptables and ssl

I was looking over this install and wondering if there was anything I was missing on the reason for named and resolv.conf on this. Perhaps I am mistaken but it looks like I would be making the box a dns server there. I really don’t need that so is there another reason?

Also, anyone have an iptables config using sip for this install? I really don’t want to leave the box wide open.

Finally, since users of FreePBX are remote, does anyone have an ssl only setup they can post or send to me? I am really a neophyte when it comes to apache and ssl so I need a clear set of instructions or example there.



I am running CentOS 5.2 and using iptables but can’t get my SIP client to connect. I believe I’ve
opened up all the necessary ports but still no luck. Have even tried with iptables completely
off and no go. Not sure what I am doing wrong.