Install Dahdi on FreePbx

I have installed freepbx on my raspberry pi 3 b.
I want to install Dahdi on it.
Is it instalked by default?
If not, how could I install it without losing current config?

Meysam Sh.

Why would you need Dahdi on a Raspberry?

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To interface with analog phone

Yes, but what hardware do you have that could connect to a Pi?

I have connected an fxs module

And what is the 'fxs module ', and how is connected to the raspberry?

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DAHDI is only needed for pci/pci-e cards, or when you need zdummy driver. It is very probable that you don’t need DAHDI on Raspberry, as there is no way to connect PCI/PCI-E devices to it.

The OP very well could be using one of these: they came out last year. RasPi with FXO/FXS/GSM modules/interfaces.


Well, perhaps he is, but that he could more economically get a functional FXS ATA from china on ebay

for $15.

Dahdi over any BUS to a raspberry pi supporting FXS to an analog at +$50 makes not a lot of sense

The above link will provide the same thing at much less cost, it will ring his analog phone when a call comes from his SIP provider, conversely, if he makes a call from his analog phone it will connect that call, via his VSP.

A local VOIP server (the Raspberry) is just un-needed in such a simple case.

Raspberry pi’s make great toys for teasing a cat with a pan/tilt mounted laser pointer or a strip of ws2812’s and a gameboy controller, they just don’t under any circumstances make a robust VOIP server :wink:

JM2CWAE , and I have a whole bunch of them, all slowly being replaced with ESP32’s though at a much lower cost.

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I’m not disagreeing with this. My comment was more for the blanketed “Can’t do this on a RasPI”.

The answer to the original question would be to install the DAHDI software from source. The DAHDI interface program runs separate from Asterisk, so getting the actual software on the RasPI is really simple.

Getting it to work depends on everything this thread has talked about, but getting the software installed from source really is dead simple.

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