Install Asterisk Phonebook module in PBXACT13HA


I have to import more than 1000 speeddials from the old Siemens PBX, which apparently can not be done with Bulk Handler into the Contact manager. (only name and phone number , not the speeddial code).

That is why I would like to install the Asterisk Phonebook module in PBXACT13HA.

Can this be done or is there an other way ?

Gr. Bart.

No PBXact does not support the discontinued Phone Book module. Have you put in a feature request to get speed dial option added to the Contact Manager module.

Hi Tony,

But I need this “speeddial import option” this week !

Can you give me an alternative ?

Gr. Bart.

If you work with support they might be able to help you with a work around.

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