Install asterisk modules

I had an issue with voicemail and yum update. During troubleshooting I had to manually remove a package (libresample-0.1.3-4_centos6.i686) and manual install Libresample.i686.

When I did this it removed my module for asterisk. Ofcourse when I did a yum update the module was not replaced and my voicemail does not work but Yum updated was completed successfully.

I took a look at the number of asterisk module that are installed and I only have 175. I am missing 50 modules. Not sure where they went but they are not located in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules. I thought I would simple just copy over the module files from a different machine running offline but Asterisk noticed these files where not compiled at the same time as the system… so copy and paste does not work…

I know which modules I am missing as I have FreePBX and Astersik installed an another machine offline.

I have the latest FreePBX distro installed:
Asterisk 11
FreepBX 4.22
CentOS 6.4

Can some please explain how to install Asterisk modules?

Can I use menuselect again?

How do I load the modules for installation?



So i found instructions on how to upgrade asterisk.

This page describes the steps to upgrade asterisk without having to uninstall the original asterisk install.

I had to fix some dependances but I was able to load the modules again.

Those instructions are for a “hand installed” system. A distribution like our “Distro” uses precompiled versions of Asterisk and the modules so we don’t have to worry about Kernel library issues.

You could have done a force reinstall of Asterisk.

As it stands I think you cut yourself out of any future distro upgrades.