Install all missing modules using command line

when you compare the freepbx 13 distro install to a manual install of freepbx (on centos 7) there are a lot of missing modules. These can all be downloaded and upgraded in the gui I know but is there a way or a command one can run in a console that will download and install all the missing modules? my aim is to get a manual install as close as possible to the freepbx distro install.
and while I’m asking, is there a command to upgrade all the modules in one go?
using google I have seen the freepbx wiki pages ie: ‘Manage Modules Via CLI’, and ‘fwconsole commands (13+)’ but I couldn’t see a command to do what I wanted, plus amportal is now deprecated and it’s fwconsole…

fwconsole ma installall will install all models from the repos and upgrade all installed modules.

ah yes that’s great tony thankyou for your help.