Initiating a FreePBX reload from an application

I have a use case that requires monitoring of QueueStatus via the ManagerAPI. Based on certain statistics, the application will then change the queue ‘weight’ for particular queues over time. The issue is, via AMI/AGI it does not appear to be possible to directly modify queue configuration beyond adding, removing or pausing members.

FreePBX (v2.1.3) is in use with the system. The idea is to change the MySQL database of FreePBX with the changes and then issue a module reload of FreePBX. The issue is, it does not appear that FeePBX has a SOAP or REST interface to make web services calls. Is there a recommended way to do this?

The other option of course is for the app to update the database and then generate the queue.conf file directly, but that is not as clean of course. Any recommendations appreciated.

using dynamic members via ur agi stuff you should be able to add members with a specific priority. While it is possible to reload freepbx (click the orange bar) via a command line, note that its probably not going to affect callers allready in the queue.

Here is the command:

/var/lib/asterisk/bin/module_admin reload

If your connecting to the manager interface already, just give it write access to ‘command’ and send

Action: command
command: reload

or whatever.

Edit: ah. never mind. your issue is modifying the configs, not triggering the reload. Sorry for the noise.

Hello, I am updating the field “outboundcid” in the FreePBX MySQL database table “users” in order to override the default CID that is set on the trunk.

The problem I am having is when i initiate a FreePBX reload using command “module_admin reload” it is not changing in the Asterisk config. The only way that currently works is to “Apply Configuration Changes” directly from the FreePBX Web user interface.

If anyone can assist me in figuring it out it would be greatly appreciated. This process must run automatically in a Cron Job.

Thank You.

Hello dcerront,

do you have a solution for your problem?
i have the same problem, when i give te command to reload
the old data from extensions.conf stay when i edit the file

thank you

You can’t edit extensions.conf. It is rewritten from the database. You have to edit extensions_custom.conf.

This is a very basic FreePBX premise.

I’m not being a smart ass, but as simple search: maybe “freepbx extensions.conf” might have given you more than you ever known about the problem going back to the earliest days of FreePBX.