Initiating a call from external software

We develop and support a software package which incorporates an address book and other sources of phone numbers.

We would like to be able to initiate a call from there, as is done in the UCP Call History.

Could someone please point us in the right direction.

Thank you.

I think I’d start with Sales and see what they have to say. My guess is that the SangomaCRM modules may meet your needs, and if it doesn’t they should be able to hook you up. If you want to do it “text only” you could also submit a feature request to see it would take to get this supported.

Short of that, unless you want to open-source the package, I don’t think we’re (the user community) is going to be able to help you much.

I thought this was going to be trivial!:grinning:

We did this before for an old FreePBX system (PIAF - forget which version number) by using some URL or other to authenticate and then initiate the call. It worked. I think it was an Asterisk thing rather than FreePBX.

I just assumed there would be something similar available currently.

Did some more Googling and it looks like what I need is ‘Asterisk Tapi driver’.

You were probably connecting through ARI or AMI. The way you used to do it should continue to work, but you may need to adjust a few settings.

There are lots of ways to “initiate” a call, but it depends entirely on how you want to integrate your app.

Our business application has been developed in Access (VBA). It can fire off a URL.

I will check if the old code works.

You can probably do it with AMI.

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