Initiate 3pcc on SIP extension

Is there a way to initiate a third-part call control request, such as answer, on a SIP extension from AMI?

Yes. Look around in your system for some code called “callboth.php”.

Initiating calls between any two extensions is very simple. Another place to look is for something called “Call Files”, which are essentially what you are asking for - write a file, dial a number, when it picks up, dial the other number.

What I’m building is a third-party call control desktop application that is independent of the user’s hard/soft phone. Here’s the scenario I’m looking to support:

  1. Call arrives to queue.
  2. Agent extension is selected and reserved
  3. Outbound call originates to agent SIP extension
  4. Agent’s phone begins ringing
  5. Agent clicks the “Answer” button on my desktop application
  6. Agent’s phone answer’s the call

I believe this is done via a SIP Notify message with contents like Event:Talk. I think this is the same mechanism used for initiating hold/retrieve from a third-party application as well. Has anyone successfully done this?