Initialization Error

I have an initialization problem. On power up or restart of Asterisk, extensions do not forward to voice mail and outgoing calls to a SIP trunk get “all circuits busy”. If I restore from a working backup OR do a submit for the trunk or extension, then all works well. I can’t understand why a restart or power up doesn’t end up with the same system state as a restore. Doesn’t make sense. I have this on two systems as well as on a test system I built from scratch.
Anybody ever seen anything like this ? No one else I know has the problem. Must be cockpit error, but what ?

you’ve not provided any real details to go on here. This a distro build of hand build? If hand build versions of everything please.

You are correct what you are describing should not happen. At the same time what backup are you restoring from? Was it the previous Day, Week, Month, etc.

thanks for the reply. Here’s some Info:
Systems were built from a FreePBX ISO download in late May of 2008.
Systems were built a few weeks apart and kept up to date with module updates as were as Asterisk Script and Fix Updates up until about a month ago.
Asterisk is slightly different on the two, assumed to be changes in the weeks in between.
I will list one system, with the other in parathensis:
Asterisk 1.4.21 ( )
Zaptel 1.4.11 ( )
Libpri 1.4.4 ( 1.4.4. )
Addons 1.4.7 ( 1.4.6 )
centOS5 Kernel 2.6.18-53.1.14.e15 ( same )

FreePBX ( same on both for all ) :
Feature Admin
Voice Mail

The backup and restore I refere to is done after the system is working. I go to the Extension affected, this is a Unistim one ) and just submit. Assumably, this will load the same contents that were just retreived from the system. I then do the same for the SIP trunk, this is a Vitelity trunk. Then the system performs normally. I then do a backup NOW. If I then restart Asterisk or reboot system, it will no come up in proper state. Doing either the above procedure OR restoring from the backup brings it to a working state, until the next restart or reboot.

The hardware is Dell GX260s. I have built three systems all with the same problem, so I am assuming cockpit error but can’t figure out what. Others I talk to have never seen this problem.

thanks for any help you may provide, it will be very much appreciated.


so that you know FreePBX does not provide a ISO… an ISO that is burned and installed would be trixbox, PBX-in-a-Flash, voxBox, Elastix, etc.

fix updates? you running a copy of PBX-in-a-flash? it has that routine. If that is the case you might be better checking that site and asking there as I’ve never heard of this issue either.

Yes, it is a PBX-in-a flash install.
Of course, web interface says bothFree PBX and PBX-in-a-flash at the top :o)
Will give that a try