Initial Setup FreePbx/A2Billing

Hi Everyone:

Can you someone please please help me. I’ve got stuck for last more than tow weeks and couldn’t get any help anywhere. Please help me.

Can someone please assist me with a complete/set sample configuration.

From my Trunk Provider/Termination I was told that that my server ip is added/authenticated so if I send any call it will go through.

DID number is 442023132123 (uk)
For trunk I was given a Reseller Account where I can log in and can see that my my server’s ip address ( is been added/authenticated) to and I was advised to use 6666# in my calling plan and then prefix so that it takes a particular call rate.

I am trying to call to Bangladesh and 880, 8801 is the country code.

Can someone please give me a sample A2Billing setup (rate card, rate, call plan, provider, inbound, outbound, customer) and also in FreePbx setup based on this information.

I will be truly grateful to someone can help with this.

Thanks in advance.

A2Billing is not part of FreePBX, either:-

or pay

to do it for you maybe.

I have already paid someone for this…my hosting company. But they even couldn’t do it.

Thanks anyways for your attention.

Star2billing writes a2billing. They can do it. Sounds like you need a new hosting company.

If you are going to be using a2billing commercially you need to have a relationship with their team. The program is far more complicated than FreePBX


My trunk provider asks me send trunk to his server dialling 6666# to select a particular call rate. Please advise where exactly to put this prefix in a2billing and if need to do anything in FreePBX as well.

Also I was advised to use this syntax sip:[email protected] but no idea where exactly in a2billing I have put this.

Please help.

We don’t know anything about a2billing. We also have no knowledge of the call path between FreePBX and a2billing. a2billing has it’s own trunks and dial plans.

As suggested, you need support from the authors, star2billing.