Initial Configuration - Problems calling in/out


I am in the process of setting up the initial configuration of our new FreePBX Phone System 60 running Distro

We have 18 PJSIP extensions set up all feeding calls to Grandstream GXP2160 phones. We also have 6 incoming POTS lines connected to 8-port FXO analog card (2 unused for future growth). The extensions appear to register properly with the phones and we can currently make internal calls between the extensions.

The problems we are currently experiencing are as follows:

-Though I have used the dial pattern wizard to set ‘Dialed Number Manipulation Rules’ for an outbound trunk as well as the dial patterns for ‘Outbound Routes,’ we still have to dial a 1 when placing outbound calls.

-If I do call an outbound number the call is dropped after 25 seconds consistently

-If an inbound call is answered and the call is ended in office, the connection to the outside phone is sustained for several minutes.

I am very much a novice when it comes to phone systems. I have done all configuration in the system’s web UI and have primarily been using a combination of the FreePBX documentation, mirroring some settings from our currently working, but much older, Trixbox system and the FreePBX forums to get me to this point.

Any help would be very much appreciated and I am happy to retrieve whatever logs or config files may be necessary to help approach these issues.

Thank you for your time.

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