Information Only Mailbox

Has anyone ever set up an information only mail box (caller cannot leave a message)? The scenario is that an inhouse caller in a call center calls out on a softphone. If they get an answering machine, they need to be able to transfer that call to an information only mailbox (have it disconnect after the message is played to the listening machine) and go on to another call. Any suggestions?

Set up an announcement that plays the message with the destination as Hangup.
then setup a Miscellaneous destination using the above mentioned Announcement.

Please respond with how it went, or if this is not what you require.

This worked perfectly, as long as I was transferring from our SIP phone (which is what I asked about). Now, let’s add something else into the mix. We have a call center using X-Lite (free version). If a caller from there makes a call and wants to transfer the answering machine that picks up on the other end to this informational only voicemail box, any ideas how this can be accomplished? It appears that the transfer feature on the softphone does not work on the free version.

Use the ## transfer built in or purchase the paid x-lite with the SIP x-fer function.

We tried the ## for analog phones, but it did not work. We also considered the paid x-lite, but we have 50 callers, so that would get quite pricey for a function that would be used on a small percentage of calls. I’m just hoping that some guru out there can enlighten me.