Information of CDR Reports in Free PBX

I am attempting to understand what FreePBX is pulling from the Asterisk database (tables CDR/CEL) for its CDR Reports. Currently looking at CDR reports in FreePBX that show duplicate Inbound data and trying to get a handle on the EVENTTYPES that FreePBX is querying from the database that might lead to these duplicates in the CDR reports.

Is there documentation that I should look at?

Hello! Documentation. Good one.

Can you show us a few example lines of the dupes you’re seeing?

“Documentation. Good one.”


Seems to be plenty of documentation there. All for free and none of it offered or provided by you.

If we are missing or lacking something or you would like to participate then we are open and willing, but saying something like “Documentation. Good one.” just pokes the bears. Please don’t poke them.