Inexpensive freepbx/asterisk compatible phones

I have managed systems of many flavors for 20 years, such as Nortel, Allworks (whatever they call it), Broadsoft based, Samsung, and of course FreePBX. In that time I also managed many hundreds of phones like Nortel, several Cisco models, Grandstream, Astra, and of course Sangoma. I would never have anything to do with the Nortel again, but all of the others were pretty much problem free. Like most things, you get what you pay for. Basic phones have basic features and functions, plain old LCD screens, and are not much different from each other. Higher end models with extra functions, fancy LED screens with color, customizable backgrounds etc… are a little more unique, but still pretty much the same.

What sets them apart for me, especially when you have hundreds of them, is if you match the phone with the system, there is almost always a built-in way to manage them remotely, and in bulk. That said, I have gradually been weeding out all non-sangoma phones from my system and I find all S-Series phones to be rock solid, trouble free, easy to manage, and very reasonably priced. If you manage a small number of systems then it probably won’t matter to you, but if you are managing over 70ish sytems and more important things to do than play with phones, then you might appreciate the FreePBX-Sangoma Phone match-up.

Just my 2 cents


Since Sangoma bought Digium, I think freePBX and Digium D phones are an ideal combination. Unfortunately the Restapps currently don’t work on the Digium D phones (EPM bug?), but using the Digium phones module (freePBX) I set up a Digium D65 with a freePBX 14 server…using the Digium phone SW, it was completely painless and it simply works! Including visual voicemail and phonebooks.
The Digium D65 really is a great phone…and it’s half the price of a Cisco 8961. :slight_smile:

Again you are confusing restapps with DPMA. Rest apps work with the Digium d phones. The “Digium phone sw” has nothing to do with “restapps”

Please stop confusing the two and confusing other users.

Additionally you were “silenced” for a week for not listening to what we requested earlier, which was stop spreading information like this. I warned you in this thread and your response was to ignore the warning, “like” my warning, then reply anyways. So you were silenced for a week.

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I wonder how the Digium A-Series phones stack up for those of use with lesser needs.

ok, I did extensive testing. I update the polycom vvx410 to the latest firmware ( and I have tried every combination of blf (normal) and blf-xfer (automate) and I can not get the same button to put a call on park and pick a parked call up. Doesn’t mater if I set it up directly on the phone or in EPM, either way I can get a button to park a call or pickup a call but not both. If you have this working I would like more detail on what you actually programmed onto the button because on my phone BLF (or normal) with a value of 71 will only pickup a parked call in slot 71 and if I program it as BLF-XFER (or automate) with a value of 71 it will park a call into slot 71 but will not pick that call up if pressed again. I would love to know what settings you are using? (like I said, this works fine on Grandstream and yealink phones with no extra effort)

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