Individual main index pages

I would like to have individual index pages for various users. For example, if an admin logs in, he would see the “status” page. But if a non-admin logs in, they would see another module, IVR, for example. It seems like you could modify config.php to do this, but I’m having some trouble. There are 2 locations in the file that need to be edited to change the default main index page.

  1. // allow a module to replace our main index page if (($item['display'] == 'index') && ($display == '')) { $display = 'whatever_module_you_want';
  2. `// show the appropriate page
    switch($display) {
    //display the appropriate module page
    if($display == ‘whatever_module_you_want’)
    $module_name = $display;
    $module_page = $display;


At the top of the file, there is a variable called ‘username’. Could you write an if/then statement to look for specific user names and direct them to the appropriate “home screen”?

Thank you

Thanks everyone! But I figured it out on my own. In a nutshell, I was right. :expressionless:

Hello! I am trying to do the same thing as you. Can you please show me what variable you used to check for the username? I can’t seem to figure out which one it is. Thank you!